A Centennial Season Rearrangement

We've made a few changes to our season, but we can't wait to celebrate with you!

Thomas Wilkins explains the changes we've made to our 2020-21 season.

Dear friends,

At a time when we all need the joy and healing of the arts more than ever, yet must be careful about how we gather, the Omaha Symphony has made the decision to redesign our 2020-2021 centennial season for a January 2021 opening. Your health, and that of our musicians, staff, and community, is our topmost priority. With important safety guidelines in place for indoor venues and social distancing, it isn’t currently feasible to bring our orchestra and audiences together in traditional fashion, though we would love nothing more than to be with you.

This being my farewell season as music director, it is particularly important to me to celebrate both our orchestra’s 100th Anniversary and this wonderful community I have come to love. Rest assured that we plan and intend for the Omaha Symphony’s centennial season to be a great one, and you’ll see we have kept the pillars of programming intact as we’ve adjusted fall concerts into the winter and spring. Find our entire reimagined season here.

Please know that the Omaha Symphony values you and your investment in our music and mission. We vow to be flexible and accommodating with ticketing and scheduling issues, and open communicators with you in this ever-changing landscape. Thank you for your patience as our hard-working friends at Ticket Omaha deal with these and other organizations’ calendar and programming adjustments. You can read our Omaha Symphony Promise here.

Meanwhile, the orchestra certainly does not intend to disappear until the New Year! We continue our work to bring the Omaha Symphony to you, wherever you are, through the digital initiative Symphony | Anywhere. We hope this programming continues to brighten your day and remind you that though our community is physically distant, we remain socially connected through music. Additionally, we are exploring expanded possibilities for fall programming, which may include a range of live online and physically distanced performances from your Omaha Symphony.

This is a difficult time, both here and world-wide, but there is still much to celebrate – and I look forward to celebrating with you. Take care, be well, and always remember the happiness and healing that beautiful music can provide. The Omaha Symphony is devoted to playing for you, and you bring our music to life.

With gratitude,

Thomas Wilkins
Music Director
Omaha Symphony

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We're excited to see you back in the concert hall once it's safe—check out our incredible Centennial Season!