25 Years of Omaha's Favorite Tradition: a Q and A with Ernest Richardson

Maestro Ernest Richardson has been leading the Physicians Mutual Omaha Symphony Christmas Celebration for 25 years—we asked him for his reflections on this special show.

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Broadway Talent Sparkles at Christmas Celebration

November 15, 2022

Get to know the dazzling actors, singers, and dancers who will be gracing the stage at the 2022 Physicians Mutual Omaha Symphony Christmas Celebration!

Youth Ensemble

November 14, 2022

At the 2022 Physicians Mutual Omaha Symphony Christmas Celebration, we will feature our first ever Youth Ensemble! These young performers were selected by Maestro Ernest Richardson to showcase the depth of talent we have here in Omaha while presenting them with the opportunity to perform and rehearse alongside professional musicians. Read about them here.

What's In A Name

October 28, 2022

Blog series highlighting musical terms that you might hear at the Omaha Symphony

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Beethoven Concerto Times Three

September 28, 2022

Associate Concertmaster Ahra Cho, Principal Cello Paul Ledwon, and Principal Keyboard Christi Zuniga sit down for an interview about their experience performing Beethoven's iconic Triple Concerto.

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Painting with Claude Debussy

September 16, 2022

The connection between art and music is undeniable. Visual artists and musicians work for lifetimes perfecting their craft, art and music often inspire one another, the same language is used to speak about the two mediums, and in so many ways, one could not exist without the other. However, for whatever reason, art and music are not frequently experienced together. Music can be heard while walking through an art gallery and art can be seen on music-filled streets but it’s rare to experience a collaboration between the two in which the process of creation is happening simultaneously and harmoniously.

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What's In A Name

August 9, 2022

Blog series highlighting musical terms that you might hear at the Omaha Symphony

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Subscriber Spotlight Series

April 27, 2022

As we anticipate Omaha Symphony’s upcoming 2022-23 season, we wanted to feature the testimonials of some of our faithful subscribers. From forming lasting family traditions to making the symphony a part of a fun evening out, everyone can find a subscription package or concert that offers a memorable experience. Below are just some of the reasons why the Omaha Symphony holds a special place in our community and why you shouldn’t wait to subscribe!

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The 55th Annual Debutante Ball

January 18, 2022

The Omaha Symphony's 55th Annual Debutante Ball was a smashing success, raising a record-breaking $540,000 for the orchestra's education and community engagement programs.

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Christmas Playlist

November 1, 2021

We're declaring an early start to the holiday season with a special playlist!

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Meet the Physicians Mutual Christmas Celebration 2021 Cast!

November 1, 2021

Meet the Broadway cast of Omaha's favorite tradition!

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Backstage: Brett Hodge

October 21, 2021

Get to know the musicians of the Omaha Symphony from backstage.

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