Digital Concerts

Orchestral Encounters Enveloped in Activity

Take a deep dive into orchestral music in a digital landscape this school year! Anchored by a digital concert from your Omaha Symphony, each unit has a choice board of age-appropriate auxiliary activities to invite creativity and critical thinking by your students whenever and wherever it aligns with curriculum and schedule.

Access to this content is completely free, but we do ask that each teacher register their own students so we can track data for funding purposes. Please complete a new registration form for each building you intend to stream content.

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Digital Concerts

  • Examine music elements as demonstrated by our ensembles to reinforce performance evaluation techniques
  • Play along with the musicians of the Omaha Symphony
  • Enjoy world-class music from a new vantage point

Concerts for Youth: Latin Rhythms

Available April 2023

Curriculum, professional development, and continued support will be provided to all educators implementing this interactive program. To begin this unit with your students, check out the Composition Packet.

See The Concerts for Youth page for more information on the program.

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Mission Imagination: The Color Crook

Available February 2023

Divided into episodes to best adapt to your school schedule, this interactive program explores instrument families, up close and personal.

Please see the Mission Imagination page for more information specific to this concert program.

Celebrate Creativity: Cycle of Epiphany

Maestro Ern Richardson explores the creative cycle using sketches from Beethoven's famous 5th Symphony and 21st Century composer Clint Needham.

No Celebrate Creativity would be complete without workshops, and this concert comes with a writing workshop from the Nebraska Writer's Collective, as well as Music Video Editing workshop with OnPxl Productions.

Mission Imagination: Melvin the Explorer

Melvin the Explorer, and their trusty sidekick Walton, are  on a quest to find the long-lost Golden Baton, but they needs your students’ treasure hunting expertise! Navigate alongside Melvin through treacherous terrains and help him explore different composers to unravel the mysteries of melody, harmony, and rhythm.  

 In this “choose-your-own-adventure,” this concert is split into 5 episodes, allowing your students to choose the Golden Baton through musical landscapes. Prepare for a fun-filled expedition packed with singing, learning, and playing from start to finish! 

Harmony: The Legend of the 3 Sisters

Available September 2022

Created in partnership with No More Empty Pots, this string quartet and accompanying materials explores the concept of harmony in music and companion planting. This program features two works by Indigenous students, and comes with a series of lesson plans to incorporate into your curriculum.