Mission Imagination

A Zookeeper's Melody

The zookeeper needs your help creating the perfect habitat for the animals, and that includes finding the right melody! Learn about what makes a melody and how to choose music to fit each mood in this interactive concert focused on emotion regulation.

Mission Imagination combines a child’s love of storytelling with the power of symphonic music in an up-close and playful setting. The program’s dynamic format puts kids in the center of the action, making them active participants in their own learning. Which melody will you choose to help the animals?

Iowa Schools should register for the IWCC dates through the Arts Center. Please call 712-388-7140 for more information.

Classroom Support

Orchestra Introduction Packet
Educator Packet Coming Soon!


"It is so important for young people to see and hear a live orchestra who might not have had a chance otherwise. The students always enjoy the concert!"
-Omaha Educator

"I bring my students every year. It is a really entertaining way to reinforce concepts and experience a live orchestra!"
-Iowa Kindergarten Teacher

Designed to address the following standards:

Nebraska Standards for Education, Music: FA 2.4.2/2.4.3, FA 5.4.2/5.4.3
Iowa Core Fine Arts Alignment, General Music: 1,2,5