May 3 - May 6, 2022

Celebrate Creativity

Mark your calendars today for this arts-infused excursion that’s personally designed by and for each of your middle and high school students. It’s an ingenious mixture of learning, symphonic music, and fun-filled discovery to ignite your students’ creative spark.

Due to challenges related to the construction at the Joslyn, registrations are temporarily suspended for this program. We hope to re-open registration with updated venue information soon. We appreciate your patience.

Price: $15 per student

“What is Celebrate Creativity?”

A day-long experience offered by the Omaha Symphony and Joslyn Art Museum that is designed by and for middle school and high school students, featuring interactive workshops, gallery tours, and a symphony concert.

“Designed by students?”

After a class is registered by their teacher, students will complete workshop and tour request forms that are then used by symphony staff to create personalized schedules for each student. Each student will participate in two workshops and one gallery tour.

“What are these workshops?”

We enlist the expertise of local industry professionals to teach hands-on exploratory sessions in an array of subjects, including dance, theatre, and art.

“Students also get to take a gallery tour AND go to a concert?”

Yes, they do! Students get to explore one of Joslyn Art Museum’s galleries under the guidance of a trained docent. Following a brown bag lunch, students get to participate in an innovative Omaha Symphony concert that challenges their notions of art and symphonic music.