October 25 - October 28, 2022

Celebrate Creativity

The workshops and concert return for this day-long adventure exploring art in its many forms. For the 2022-2023 school year, this experience will be at the Jewish Community Center, bringing in stellar industry professionals to teach hands-on exploratory sessions in the same complex as the concert experience.

Price: $15 per student

Now at the Jewish Community Center!

“What is Celebrate Creativity?”

A day-long experience designed by (and for) middle school and high school students featuring interactive workshops and a symphony concert. Brought to you by the Omaha Symphony and Jewish Community Center.

“Designed by students?”

After a class is registered by their teacher, students will complete workshop request forms. These forms are then used by Omaha Symphony staff to create personalized schedules for each student. Each student will participate in three workshops.

“What are these workshops?”

We enlist the expertise of local industry professionals to teach hands-on exploratory sessions in an array of subjects, including dance, theatre, and art.

“Students get to do all that AND go to a concert?”

Following a brown bag lunch, students get to participate in an innovative Omaha Symphony concert that inspires and challenges their notions of art and symphonic music.