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This learning resource is for teachers and students of all levels and ages who are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of musical performance. Resources are continually being added to this page, which will serve as an index of what is available.

All resources are broken down by type and then suggested age range. However, our musician videos may be of interest to other age ranges. Please feel to use whatever might be of use for your students.

Be sure to check our YouTube Channel regularly — new Virtual Classroom content created by the musicians of the Omaha Symphony is being added weekly!

If you do use the resources in your online learning or you are looking for something specific, we’d love to hear from you! Send an email to education@omahasymphony.org.

Introduction to the Orchestra

Meet the Viola
All Grades: Omaha Symphony's Assistant Principal Viola Tyler Sieh demonstrates the viola and explains why it is a super hero in the orchestra.

Flute vs. Recorder
3rd - 6th Grade: Principal Flutist Maria Harding speaks about two similar instruments – the recorder and the flute. She talks us through the basic similarities and differences between the recorder and flute and plays a little bit of each! (3rd – 6th Grade)

More Instruments:

Videos on Technique

Brilliant Double Tonguing - Maria Harding
Upper Middle High School: Join Omaha Symphony's Principal Flute Maria Harding on exercises for improved clarity with double tonguing for flute players.

Metronome Practice – Percussion and more
Upper Middle – High School
: Principal Percussionist Rob O’Brien gives examples of internalizing tempos using metronome practice. Helpful for percussionists and any student looking to maintain steady tempos!

More Videos on Technique:

Practice Tips and Musicianship

Musicianship Tips with Craig Fuller
Any Age:
Principal Tuba Craig Fuller discusses listening and sound development techniques. Becoming a well-rounded musician starts with listening, so give this a listen!

Vibrato for the Violin & Viola
Middle School to Adult:
Principal Viola Thomas Kluge introduces the concept of vibrato for intermediate violin and viola musicians.

More Practice Tips and Musicianship Videos:

More Resources

Tuba Tips: Dies Irae & Breathing - Craig Fuller
Principal Tuba Craig Fuller explores the Dies Ire motif and its use in Hector Berlioz' "March to the Scaffold" from Symphonie Fantastique. This video is intended for high school Music Theory classes or ensembles as they prepare to perform this piece.

Bowing for Cello - Sam Pierce-Ruhland
Assistant Principal Sam Pierce-Ruhland demonstrates bow techniques. This video is part of the Teacher Series in the Learning Library, which focuses on tips and techniques for guiding students in lessons and sectionals.

Omaha Symphony Archive Performances

Any Age: The Omaha Symphony’s YouTube Channel will soon be filled with our digital archives. Feel free to take a look and share any recordings with your students!