Subscriber Spotlight Series

Wednesday, April 27

As we anticipate Omaha Symphony’s upcoming 2022-23 season, we wanted to feature the testimonials of some of our faithful subscribers. From forming lasting family traditions to making the symphony a part of a fun evening out, everyone can find a subscription package or concert that offers a memorable experience. Below are just some of the reasons why the Omaha Symphony holds a special place in our community and why you shouldn’t wait to subscribe!

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Susan and Jim Tracy

“When the USAF moved us to the Omaha area almost 30 years ago, I was thrilled to learn about all the many cultural offerings available in the city, including the Omaha Symphony. After attending Symphony events for several years, we became subscribers to the Pops series and have loved it! The guest artists are so talented; my friends in larger cities are envious of the opportunities I have to experience the best of the best, and at such affordable prices. Next season sounds like a real winner, with everything from Broadway to John Williams to the Temptations. I can’t wait!

We subscribe every year because I know we would put off purchasing tickets until it was too late, and then I would regret not attending a concert. Because we are subscribers, I put the concert dates in my calendar right away and we rarely miss one! We have become friends with our fellow subscribers who sit near us, and even make plans to meet up before the concert for drinks and snacks at Ovations.

Now we take our grandchildren to the Family Concerts so that they can experience a professional orchestra. We occasionally attend the Movie Series or a Masterworks concert. All of them are wonderful. Whenever I hear them referred to as "YOUR Omaha Symphony,” I stand a little taller and applaud a little louder. I am so proud to have the Omaha Symphony as a part of my community.”

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Judy & Randy Pritza

“Our family has long enjoyed the symphony. When our children were younger, the Pops Series was an enjoyable date night for us. Over the years, we’ve taken our children to many of the family series concerts, all which created many wonderful memories of watching them grow and appreciate music. Now that they are older an in college, the Harry Potter movie concerts have become a Thanksgiving tradition as have the Star Wars movies in the spring.

This season we are looking forward to the Masterwork’s series and Maestro Bahl's mixed tapes that enhance the performances. Omaha is very fortunate to have a symphony full of dedicated musicians who give back through educational programs in our community and schools. We are proud to support the Omaha Symphony.”

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Nicholas Bjornson

"Orchestral music has been such a big part of my life and I love coming to concerts to hear new pieces and interpretations of the mainstays of concert repertoire! In addition to the marvelous music and entertainment, is also important to keep alive the social impacts that the Omaha Symphony has, both in the promotion of music and education in our community.

It is an opportunity to experience an auditory feast and visualize the workings of an orchestra! Maestro Bahl has even put together programs where it lets you choose your own adventure such as the Maestro's Mixtape series. Plus, as the Omaha Symphony plays contemporary music, you may be one of the first people to hear a future classic!

I'm very much looking forward to the grandiose works of Anton Bruckner, Sergei Prokofiev and Gustav Mahler. Each of their pieces possesses a thrilling, epic quality that sets the listener up for a spectacular musical resolution!

Music is an important part of history and the Omaha Symphony makes that history come alive for each performance. Orchestral music does not receive the attention and excitement that it once claimed, but I believe no one can deny its impact on contemporary music and culture. Beyond the pure joy of music I experience with the Omaha Symphony, I continue to subscribe to do my little part in helping keep that history stay alive for others!"

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