A Moment of Calm

Thursday, July 9

Mary Bircher offers us some words and a moment of calm out in her garden with Carlos Salzedo's "Song in the Night."

The phrase "uncertain times" has most certainly become a fixture in our daily vernacular—and though many of us are tiring of it, it's simply true. While each of us experience this moment a bit differently, we all continue to feel the effects of uncertain futures in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic.

Whether in the concert hall or in our living rooms, music offers us solace and a vehicle for emotional expression. Music has even proven to be good for your health, can act as a companion in tough times, and can provide productive means of self care.

Omaha Symphony Harpist Mary Bircher knows this well. Have a listen to her outdoor performance of Carlos Salzedo's "Song in the Night" (complete with ad libitum bird chorus) for a welcome moment of calm.

"Song in the Night" by Carlos Salzedo
Performed by Omaha Symphony Harpist Mary Bircher

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