Holland Center April 2 & December 30, 2020

Beethoven Symphony No. 7

This performance was recorded live at the Holland Center on September 23, 2016.

Beethoven's Unstoppable Seventh Symphony

Click the play button below to hear the very first archive recording being released as part of the brand new Symphony | Anywhere series. Listen to this great masterwork played by YOUR Omaha Symphony from wherever you are!

Performance notes:

Ludwig van Beethoven had the remarkable ability to turn some of the most painful moments of his life (of which there were plenty) into incredibly creative, joyful art… and nothing proves it quite like his unstoppable Seventh Symphony. Written while confronting the knowledge that his hearing was nearly gone, the work overflows with energy and joy, each movement so centered around a basic rhythmic concept that John Adams once quipped the Seventh was “the first minimalist symphony.” The iconic Allegretto, though not the only moment of beauty in the work, is your lone opportunity to catch your breath – we suggest soaking in every moment.

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