Four Dances from Estancia

Grondahl’s tuneful concerto for trombone is bookended by two Latin American composer legends: Silvestre Revueltas and Alberto Ginastera.

Sunday, Nov 20 | 2:00 PM
Pre-Concert Talk at 1:30 p.m.


Joseph Young Conductor More
Jason Stromquist Trombone More

Program Info

  • WIREN: Serenade for Strings

  • GRONDAHL: Trombone Concerto

  • REVUELTAS: Redes Suite

  • GINASTERA: Four Dances from Estancia

Omaha Symphony trombonist Jason Stromquist makes his debut as soloist in front of the orchestra with Grondahl’s tuneful concerto for trombone; his performance is bookended by two Latin American composer legends: Silvestre Revueltas and Alberto Ginastera.  

Pre-Concert Talk

Join Annika K. Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Curator of Native American Arts examines Richard Martinez’s (Opa-Mu-Nu) (San Ildefonso Pueblo, 1898-1987) Deer Dancer prior to the concert.

The dynamic suite of four dances from Alberto Ginastera’s Estancia brings to life the rhythmic movements of farmers, cattlemen, and gauchos from rural Argentina. Commissioned by the American Ballet Caravan in 1941, Ginastera composed Estancia at a time when artists across the Americas found inspiration in folklore and Indigenous cultures. In the United States, artists flocked to the Southwest to witness the ceremonial dances of Pueblo peoples and document their cultural traditions through painting, photography, and film. Opa-Mu-Nu, also known as Richard Martinez, was among the first generation of Pueblo artists that took up Western painting to depict their community’s traditions for cultural outsiders. Paintings such as Deer Dancer (1932) were reproduced in print and became wildly popular across the United States and abroad during a transformative moment for Indigenous peoples.

Richard Martinez’s (Opa-Mu-Nu) (San Ildefonso Pueblo, 1898-1987)

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